Transmedia Stories: Narrative Methods for Public Health and Social Justice

Full Project Team

Transmedia Story Lab Co-Founders
Alida Bouris
Patrick Jagoda
Melissa Gilliam

Principal Investigators
Jennifer Brier
Patrick Jagoda 

Transmedia Collage, Year Two Program Team
Jennifer Brier
Jennifer Schism Ash
Patrick Jagoda
Ireashia Bennett
Gary Kafer
Matt Wizinsky
Jacqueline Buckley

Participating Youth
Carlson Ayanlaja
Miriam Lagundoye
Yousef Lagundoye
Kaya Thomas
Omar Olugbala
Lauren Johnson
David Bonsu
Symone Pettis
Larry Julien
Daniel Barrera
Shurri Peterson
Nia Nobles-Vincent
Asha Edwards

South Side Speculations Exhibition Team
Ali Yusuff
Nina Versenyi
Astha Thakkar
Nadia Sulayman
Erin Venable
Gabe Moreno

South Side Speculations Guest Speakers
Elizabeth Todd-Breland
Ireashia Bennett
Ytasha Womack
Audrey Petty
Jaqueline Stewart

South Side Speculations and Transmedia Collage were made possible by a grant from the Humanities Without Walls Consortium, which is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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